Saturday, July 10, 2010


We won. With a SIXTY-SEVENpointFIVE! It was funny because I asked Rolinette for perfection, kidding on the square of course, and largely got it. There were certainly points in the test where I felt like, oh geez, I wish that were better (particularly the trot to working walk transition, and then the free walk was wandering but I didn't get badly busted on either of those things), and there are certainly things we've been working on that we'll continue to improve upon (bend at canter perhaps?), but all in all, for us, at this time, it was pretty well perfection. She was much steadier in the bridle and didn't curl a lot and that steadiness is a MAJOR thing. We still don't have it all the time but we had it today! For the test!

My plan will be (subject to change and input of course) to continue working on strength with the hills and freeness with the lateral work. Cantering more distance and more transitions. BEND. The circles and bends and lateral stuff and hills to work on the ability to step under herself. Transitions for the steadiness there. Maybe a touch of lengthening and shortening.