Sunday, July 18, 2010

one two three four

I've ridden four rides I haven't recorded here yet.

One was Friday, on Sage. Sage is a little Nakota horse who's been showing at T3 & T4. I remember the first time I saw him, how impressed I was. He moves like a big horse, but he's small. Oh how he moves. He's also quite personable and sensible and I like him a lot. Ok, I'd give my eye teeth to have a horse like him maybe. (I already don't have any eye teeth, just for the record) I'd been on his back once before for just a few minutes -- compared to the giants Friesians, he's downright skinny, almost not even there below your knee.

Just getting a ride or two on him, and no lesson or anything, I wasn't trying to accomplish anything except exercise him and give me the experience. He was waaaay lazier than I expected. And a bit more on the forehand than I expected. I don't think I got any actually prompt and forward upward transitions on him. Although he did seem perfectly willing. Which is a little confusing. His person had told me her latest thing to work on with him was for her not to cue him every stride because it was making him dull. He was sort of waiting every stride for you to tell him something.

I'll tell you, though, his canter was just smooooooth. Delicious. I did not find him pissy at all. He would be a great deal of fun to work with and/or to take a lesson or two on.

Two was Saturday. I rode Bart early. Bart's the biggest Friesian on the farm and the first horse I rode there. Not to mention the bounciest horse. He's recently had his hocks injected and should be feeling pretty good. He seemed very willing to me. He's also much more fluent laterally than his mother Rolinette is, so that was fun to play with and get a feeling for. His person has moved up to 1st 1 this year which involves a huge amount of sitting trot and one of the main things I thought riding him was, OMG I would never be able to sit that trot! and how brave Cheri is to go in and try to! I've seen Andre do it though and I'd also love for him to teach me how! He cantered both directions, he came back, he stretches beautifully . . . and I may get the chance to ride him for Andre this weekend.

Three was also Saturday. That afternoon, because I had my wonderful husband's help, I was able to fit in another ride, this time on Rolinette. I took her to the hills and walked one more time than we've been doing. I also ask her to halt on the downhill so she can have those back feet under her. We trotted some in the back arena in the middle of walking the hills, then at the end we cantered some. In that circumstance we canter with me primarily off her back and asking her just to relax and go with it. It hopefully develops her muscles, her wind, her fluidity cantering. I ask her to think about bend maybe just a little but round pretty much not at all.

Four was this morning, Ms. Rolinette again, since she is the one I have the most leeway with and responsibility for, it is most rewarding to ride her. We did an arena ride with Star and Cathy. I think she is working better with shoulder fore and leg yield but still trails some in the behind. Lack of bend there, but we're working on that. We did a LOT of transitions, working on holding round and bend through them, both up and down, and trying to hold straight at halt. We got a few good ones, some decent ones, and stopped before driving them into the ground but on some good notes. Then I went into the dressage arena and worked on the bendy shallow serpentine thing. It is weird. If I get a lesson on anyone I'll ask to work on that some just to know more about it and riding it.

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clairesgarden said...

its very good to go from horse to horse. 'in the olden days' when I rode a lot and thought myself a 'good' rider I am sure that the differences and the lessons I had on these horses all contributed to esperience and ability I had.
now I am happily just riding my wee pony and getting stuck in my ways with her.
'uppity', yes I was very much that too.....but I think I earned it and now its hard to be humble.....