Monday, February 14, 2011

time for me to fly

We've had a couple of rides, plus she's been ridden by another woman a couple of times -- another decent rider. As always, Rol is beautiful, willing, eager even. She did pull a couple of "what's a transition" moments, and she actually bucked into canter . . . but hey, we're not stomping into canter -- we have an actual transition and so we work from there. And she stretched better -- for a longer period of time and hopefully maybe even with her nose going forward a bit too? I know she did some nose forward on the hills and I'm hoping to take that feeling and develop it in the arena.

Goals: hmmmm.

Well, with Rol I just want to make progress. I should read the gosh darn new tests because I don't even know where we are in them. But to continue to work on the stretchy circle, changing bend smoothly, add some lengthening, confirm and make more obvious our lateral work. Improve my seat and work on sitting a bit more trot. Rhythm, Relaxation, Connection -- that bottom of the training pyramid. Impulsion, Straightness, Collection -- that too. I want clean transitions up and down. I want to play with walk-canter-walk transitions. Just consistency, solidity.

In my dream world, when we have grass I'd bring that red mare home and break her and take her back at the end of the summer and see how very far we can come in that amount of time. In my dreams, I could show her in the novice level of the fun show. In my dreams, next year my daughter could.

I would love to coach someone through this show series.

I hope take a lesson or two from Ashley. I would hope to be able to take some from Andre. I hope Lisa will teach me, well, I'd love to get a lesson a month. I'd love to work on how I'm riding, form, position. Oh heck, while I'm dreaming, I'd love to jump regularly again too. I'd like time on different horses too.

I am a cowgirl and proud of it. Pulling a shoe off in the barn isle the other day it hit me that I'm pretty value added. Be secure in that value, and always learning more.