Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Rode the test twice today. With my primary competition no less! Love Dianne, she's outscored me before. There may be only one other person riding our test. We were wondering if everyone else had moved up except us! We really do have a very good time together.

Rolinette and I had a good time together too. We did a basic warm up and then I was just jonesing to ride the test but the boss's husband was there spraying some trees and weeds and Rol really doesn't like motorized things (he brought his gator with him) we we just walked until he was done. Then we did the test, the first time a little cold. She was a little sticky in the trot but otherwise I think it was pretty good. The second time through I could not get a straight halt to save my life, and the second canter tried to break twice. I've got to be really strong on that. Let her go because she can do a really ok canter and it has a coefficient so we really need them to be nice!

Gosh but it was hot today. Rode early but worked the rest of it. Roasted.

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