Monday, July 5, 2010

I do not sing the blues!

Whew! Only one not correct lead this morning and we did lots of canter and lots of transitions. Of course, I'm still knocking on wood that this is it. And of course, nothing is it because, well, it just isn't. There are always the next things to work on, improvements to make, tests to perfect (ha!), and of course, the next horses or the next students and everything else. So it is never done and I love that about it, while I also love the testing to see where you are right here in this moment thing, which is what a show is at least partly about.

Anyway. Mostly the usual. Except I did leave the stirrups one hole higher than where I usually ride with them. I need to wear my tall boots to see where the stirrup goes then . . . but I've got no spare britches really. Ok, I do, I can wear the tan ones. I sure as heck am not putting the white ones on except for the show. (Speaking of, where IS that hat? Again.) Lots of walk warm up. The usual transitions, circles, shoulder fores, leg yields, stretches, contractions. Some trot. Then canter. I probably did three right transitions and 6 left ones. The one slip up was all. She was funny a few times, like once she got really heavy in the bridle cantering, but it is just like we are figuring each other out here I think, and she's playing.

The only bad? When I told Lisa why I'd had a much better ride, or at least that it had come after I shortened my stirrups, she said, "So when you are not so off balance, it works." Gee thanks. Just to clarify, I've no doubt that I was somewhat off balance. I think the cross-canter attests to that. But I also think a large part of it is due to her being green and me not taking that enough into account. She is so giving, so beautiful, and so old that you just think she's done more than she's done. I would also attest that no teacher had made any such suggestion to me and that I worked it out, thank you very much (grin).

I have hope.

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