Thursday, July 8, 2010

very hot prep

I went in with my slick little britches and my tall boots so I could adjust the stirrups for them. But no such lick. Since I share saddles, the primary one I use was being used at the same time so I rode in the secondary saddle today (and bless both hearts for letting me use them) but obviously that didn't do a think for me toward adjusting the stirrup length for my tall boots.

It was a nice enough ride though. I mostly just warmed up and rode the test once. We broke a bit early on the first canter but that was the only major mistake. She usually has stopped straight and square and suddenly yesterday and today she is wiggling her hips to the right and so after we rode the test we practiced stopping more. Used to she wanted to drift right when resuming the trot after the halt but thankfully she hasn't done that in awhile, knock wood.

Deep breath. One more prep day. I ride first. Hope the judge is feeling generous. Hope Rolinette is feeling good.

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