Friday, July 9, 2010

ride the horse you have today


I rode, perhaps a bit more than I had planned to, but there were things to work on. Canters weren't all smooth on depart, and there's work to do for sure, but they are improving. We get some but not all good transitions up and down without losing roundness. I think we're getting somewhere.

I did not ride the test today.

We have some nice moments but it isn't all consistent still so it is very hard to say how tomorrow will go. One can have hopes and yet, without that consistency, it is unlikely that it will all be good either. I think mostly I need to think about riding her more softly, with less half-halt "get ready" stuff going on. I think that increases her inconsistency as she starts trying to figure out what I'm about to ask for so that she can do it already. Be in the moment.

There is so much. In the end, we'll see how we do. We've improved, of that I'm sure. We still have much improvement to go. If I could ride everything perfectly, we'd be ok. Not much chance of that however. So I'll just ride as good as I can. Ride the horse you have today.

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breathe = spiro

'Dum spiro, specto.'