Monday, April 28, 2014

there's always another dance baby

I am older and I am in horses and so while I am occasionally inspired by people who are older than me who are still very active in horses, I am also very aware that I am older, that I am finite, and that this life is finite. 

And so I do what I can. 

Sometimes I long for things I can't have or can't do -- could I not go to about 12 clinics a year, could I not apprentice with someone who knows a heck of a lot more than me and is actually willing to share that knowledge (even if I have to do it in short spurts because I do have a life too). 

I am constantly aware of what I do have -- the opportunity to ride more horses than I can ride, the ability to be with horses and good horse people every day, and the care, the care of horses. 

And I am constantly aware of the precariousness of that situation.  Anything could happen.  Just like it has in the past.  Who knew?  Who knew? 

And who knows?  And so that is possible in the future too that due to the finiteness of one thing, there will be another . . . thing