Sunday, November 29, 2015

little things

I've wanted to write a post forever it seems about how the little things ARE the big things but I never get around to it, or get bogged down, so I'm going to try to write just a few of the little things so

Little Things #1

I've heard Buck say in every colt starting clinic I've seen, and Michael Sparling repeated this, and I've heard essentially the same thing from Carol Coppinger, "My horse needs to know three things:  he can't move my feet; I can move his feet; he can move his feet without being troubled."

Whether at the gate or in the stall or doing ground work, he can't move my feet.  Luke crowds me at the gate, I move him back or maybe put his halter on him first (without moving my feet) and move him back.  Belle won't come to the stall door?  I wait her out usually, may throw lead to her but as encouragement.  "Put that foot back" has become a common phrase.  Even if the gate swings open, if I don't move, they don't move.  Etc.