Friday, July 30, 2010

one ride, one observe

Rolinette, regular arena ride, in the dressage arena this time. She's giving me a bit more lateral it seems every day -- we actually trotted leg yields that I thought were ok today (just one each side) although the shoulder-ins (fores) aren't yet up to snuff IMO. Some nice transitions. Did the canter circle transition thing again -- a nice buck (think that leg was too far back?) the first one but then a couple nice to the right. Left less nice, more work, but coming. Also tried the canter pattern that is in Training Test 3 in case we decide we can ride that next show -- I haven't talked that decision over with Lisa yet but 3 only adds the stretchy circle and she's getting better at that -- doesn't hold it for the whole circle but does now stretch at trot. That test is a strange pattern but it doesn't add the loop and I think it best to add one thing at a time. The canter pattern itself will be a bit of an issue since there is a corner involved and, well, a 20 M circle is about as much of a corner as she can do at canter right now. However, she does a rather nice downward transition from canter and this pattern might well show that off since it happens on center line. Just thoughts I guess.

Cheri went up to VI and took a lesson with Lisa Moose on Vinnie which I observed. It was a blast to watch as it reminded me a lot more of riding lessons at MM -- rapid fire instructions (leg back, sit down, flex more, longer leg, bend your knee . . .) and lots about position, both of which are different from the Lisa/Andre lessons. Half of it was on a lunge line which looked really cool -- would love to do that until my position is rock solid! The horse was also very nice.

Best quote: "Riding is a weird thing -- you have to tighten your stomach and loosen your butt."

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