Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday ride

I was told today, "I need my saddle at 3." Oh, ok, yes.

Maybe first I have to say that Julie rode Dollar today for the first time in 2 1/2 years! The delay was due to health problems. I'm so tickled that Julie is back! Hooray. Actually, there's lots of good stuff going on there on many fronts.

So, first the beautiful girl scared me this morning by laying flat out int he field with T standing over her when I pulled in. She looked a little to "flat" to me and it scared me. I parked and ran to the field . . . when she raised her head I said, "Nevermind."

The ride went well. Not very long and since it was cooler today and breezy, she didn't even sweat. I trotted the diagonal and bent her and thought forward and asked once for the left canter and thought forward again and we went! First time. Then we walked and trotted some more (worked on some leg yields at walk and serpentines at trot, along with lots of stretches) and did the same thing on the right lead and it happened again. Also, in canter, on the right lead the canter actually felt pretty good today (she can be hoppy), I think the best it has ever felt. On the left lead, she leans in like a motorcycle rider would and I worked to get enough inside leg on her to straighten her a bit and managed it for a few strides and so that felt great. She also did some good transitions, was very willing, etc. Today I just had no complaints and felt things generally went well.

Hopefully we have a lesson tomorrow.

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