Sunday, April 4, 2010

nice ride

Nice ride on Rolinette today. She's on night turn-out now and SLEEPS during the day, almost so much that you'd worry about her but she probably did that at night and we just weren't there to see like we are during the day. Anyway, I was going to ride in the afternoon but she would not get up! Would. Not. Get. Up. So I grinned at her and got to help Lisa as ground person on the big Drum she's breaking (she did great and is really ready to ride without a ground person probably) and started on the night stalls and waited until after supper when I knew she'd be up. It was cooler then too.

I should probably start taking a whip in with me. She's fine most of the time but occasionally a bit of help with promptly responding to the aids would be nice. I still have some issues with her head bobbing and this has to be my inconsistency because I don't think Lisa has this issue. Sigh. I need lessons. Anyway. We did have some great transitions. I find that when I want an upward transition that she wants to turn inside out instead of hold the bend . . . not sure what that is about either. We had a much better trot stretch the other day than today . . . really need to improve that but at least the walk stretches are getting better.

I worked her a little hard which surprised me . . . I thought I was too out of shape to bother her. If I get the chance to ride her tomorrow, it will be very light. But it was warm enough to rinse her off which was nice.

Loving all of this.

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