Thursday, April 15, 2010

on an off day

I did not work, and yet I rode! We had to go in to town on another mission and I took the opportunity to ride! Hooray.

And much better all in all in the ride. Forward, forward forward. She is easy to ball up, and I tend to do that to her. That dang canter transition took a couple tries but happened much better than the other day. And the downward transitions were downright nice.

She is so funny though in that once she canters, she is so READY to canter again. The test moves through one trot then from one canter down to walk then trots again before going back to canter and I need to do that in our rides too -- not move from one lead to the other right away.

Hoo boy was the barn rockin' today. LB, Regina, the ladies, Shawna, Tammy, Courtney. And me! Also will hopefully be riding again in the mornin'!

I should probably mention the doubts I went through the other day. I was tired mostly from vehicle issues. I couldn't ride for a couple of days because of vehicle issues. So, nothing really to do with riding or the show. But the very questionable canter transitions the other day didn't exactly help either. And I will be working the barn the day of the show. And I just got to thinking that it might be better to just not ride in the show; to just work the barn and maybe scribe some for the judge, and I would think that and then burst out crying (and I was at the barn doing this). What I have learned from this is to never do what makes me cry like that! LOL!

You know, I might not have a pretty ride at the show, but I'm going for it. I was so proud of Lisa when she took Harley and went for First Level Test 4. I am not a timid person. I do not know why I get so backed off and balled up about something I love doing so much.

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