Thursday, April 29, 2010


Library day and lesson that was rained out the other day. Braided -- it was ok; passable. Did it fast too -- about 10 minutes. I was trying to work out the timing for not getting on too early day of show.

Lesson went very well. So wish I could have one a week . . . or four times a week! Except my thighs felt like jello about a half hour after I got off.

So, in general the things we've worked very hard on, the things that were the sketchiest, went very well when we rode the test today. The things that should be more established didn't go as well. That's ok. I did talk with Lisa some about wanting my mistakes to be forward mistakes. She also asked me some about my goals in my canter work -- I said it was to get the canter on the correct lead and to hold it until I was supposed to trot. I mean, that's really all we've worked up to so far. Luckily Rol is rather naturally round at canter and if I can keep her from falling in to the circle, she looks really nice.

I still have to think really forward I think on that trot. Really really forward. Sit back, sit down, push from behind.

I missed three of my four big circles today -- that is, they were more like 15 meter circles than 20. That's a big thing. Also, free walk zigzag has to seem to me to go past X to get there (if that makes sense).

So, let me just talk my way through this test.

(inside arena warm up, trot a couple circles at judges end, a few transitions so she'll come up from that halt for me later, remind her with whip to be forward)
-A, working trot (straight) up center line, X, halt (square), salute (relax, take your time, half halt to prepare), continue working trot.
-C, track right (forward, bend, shoulder fore, forward)
-B, 20 meter circle (make it to the track at B period, forward, play with bend a little, make sure inside leg is long, once I'm off the circle, continue with energy, sit back)
-KXM, change rein, working trot (really sit back, relax, forward, let her shine, straight between hands and legs, at M bend bend bend)
-between C & H, working canter, left lead (forward, bend, ask, GO, allow with hands, inside leg to keep her out, outside leg to remind her to canter, forward, it is powerful and better too big than too tight)
-E, circle left, 20 meters, (what I said above for canter)
-Between E & K, working trot (aim for V, think relaxed but forward, sit BACK)
-A, medium walk (swing into it, seat seat seat)
-FXM, free walk (1234, forward, seat, HIT X, gather reins before M)
-M-C, medium walk (1234, don't slow down)
-C, working trot (accurate and prompt and FORWARD, let her go, sit back)
-E, circle left, 20 meters (accurate BIG circle-hit the other track, forward, bend if she can handle it but she'll respond to the legs if I have any left)
-FXH, change rein, working trot (show off trot, forward and straight)
-Between C&M, canter, right lead (strike off, forward)
-B, circle right, 20 meters (nice big relaxed forward circle)
-Between B&F, working trot (transition just after B here to gather for next tight turn)
-A down center line (straight), X, halt salute, smile, pat, talk to judge on loose rein.

I just want so much to do well, to be pleased with my ride when I get off. I am having fun with all the prep stuff.

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