Friday, April 16, 2010

another ride

That's nice to say, "another ride". Yes. It is the earliest I've gotten to ride in a long time which was also nice. Love the mornings. But when I'm working, I always default to getting the work done first, then riding. I should probably change my mindset on that -- feed, set up, turn out, ride then work.

It was lawnmower day, plus Greg was there running hither and yon doing useful things on the bobcat and Rol's one fear is something with a motor behind her. So I would just change where I was working in the arena according to what was going on, plus we did a lot of walk work. Goodness but she was stretching wonderfully today.

I also had that change in ride routine in mind but with the lawnmower and her also having to teach a walk lesson later in the day, we never did canter the other way, only the "bad" side. We did ok. 'Exuberant transition' might have been the judge's comment, exuberant enough that one was almost a real buck. It was fun. We also did a decent trot stretch to the left. We did the right one after the canter and on the "scary" end of the arena so it wasn't as nice but she did stretch some on it.

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