Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Tuesday ride

Nice day all in all at the barn. Rode in the afternoon, after chores and before starting dinner chores. She was really very good. I'm thinking her head is a bit more stable but she is still curling some of course. I think she was motoring for the most part pretty well. We cantered a couple times in both directions, not too long but I want to work in more transitions there. Thought a lot about outside rein, inside bend.

Then went to back field and did, by ourselves, down and up the hill twice. I think I'll be sore from it so I told Rolinette not to worry too much if she was a little sore from it. She's very careful downhill, a bit more willing uphill; a little uncomfortable with the whole idea of being out of the arena but I think she'll learn to enjoy it.

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