Sunday, May 23, 2010

‘til the river runs dry

Rol did not trot off crippled from her flexions. Everyone agreed she wasn’t quite right but no idea what was wrong. X-rays of her hocks were amazingly clear. So I have tentative riding privileges again.

Except I didn’t ride today. I don’t change horses in midstream well. It really threw me to be thrown off of her last week (literally just told plz don’t ride this week until we get flexions done not actually thrown off except internally). I’m glad she isn’t crippled but then, I didn’t think she was to begin with. So, if I ride her this week, what about next week? I suppose I shouldn’t need that continuity. And truthfully I’m pretty sure I’ll ride tomorrow without that continuity. But that’s how I am and I think a bias toward stability is a good thing generally.

I didn’t say it out loud, ever, that her back wasn’t even a little sore so I didn’t think her hocks would be bad. Every time someone said, “She’s getting her hocks injected next week; she’ll be a lot better,” I just said, “mmmm,” or “Which day is the vet coming?” or something else non-committal. But I have consistently said, “I think when she is fitter, she’ll feel better.” I truly think she is an old mare who has had a lot of babies and not ever been really riding fit, and I think she gets stiff sometimes like many of us older folks do, and I think moving is better than not moving just about 100% of the time.

Now, if I can just have the latitude to get her fitter. Or not. I wouldn’t mind getting Gabby going. Or about a hundred thousand other possibilities out there somewhere.

Or maybe there is nothing.

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