Monday, May 10, 2010

first hill

Rode Rolinette today, with Cathy and Star. Thought some about more uphill and her not curling and I think it improved but really not for sure. She was nicely forward and probably a bit quick which is the way Andre rode her. But she even started today very forward in her walk (for her). I worked in a few slightly smaller circles at trot and asked for some lengthening on the long sides interspersed with a big circle sometimes (and lengthening some on the diagonals too sometimes, and sometimes a downward transition there -- that is the trick to NOT always do the same thing). We cantered big (not circling) then asked for a big circle after a bit. Transitions. Thought shoulder fore a lot but most of the time it doesn't feel right. Did some leg yields at walk of course but none at trot. Serpentines to play with bend. Not too much of any one thing but a decent workout for both of us on this nice cool day.

Then we all went to the gently sloping back field and walked down and back up one time. She was beautiful doing this. Brave, went first. Very cautious downhill but stretched that neck and engaged her back very nicely coming back uphill. I think this work may be exactly what she needs. Her mom is concerned that she may have hock problems and if she doesn't pass her flexion tests she may get hock injections. And you know what? She very well may. She's old, she's not been fit in many years, she's never been ridden much, and she's had umpteen babies pass through that pelvis. No wonder her back legs are a little strung out behind her. And if she doesn't pass her flexion tests, injections just may help her (oh man, they made a huge difference in Star and Romeo). But I think fitness will help her a lot too. And that part is my job which I love! I think the hills, walking the hills, will help a lot.

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