Sunday, October 10, 2010

yeah yeah yeah

I did ride another time that didn't make it on here. Am I tired of the chronicling? (that's how you spell that? really?) Maybe. I'll take it to the last horse show and then we'll see. Maybe I'm just tired as it has been -- not full, not busy, but relentless time sucks -- lately.

I did a typical arena ride, with the ladies, had fun, Rol was good. I'm just not gonna worry too much about the show -- it will be what it will be. This coming week I will try to ride Monday, Tuesday and Friday.

And evidently I rode twice since I posted here, Wednesday and Thursday. We did take Friday off. Wednesday was windy and she was strong and we tried like crazy to relax. Our stretchy circle isn't likely to be much better than last time I'm afraid. But hopefully canter will be better, and I'll be more aggressive at the free walk.

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