Tuesday, October 5, 2010

rode, finally

We didn't really, totally, take two weeks completely off. Last Tuesday I hopped on bareback and we walked (mostly, trotted enough for me to know that I can't trot bareback on that horse for long at all, and cantered enough for me to be happy but mostly walked -- there is so much you can to at a walk). She was a lot of fun bareback in that I could just almost audibly hear her thinking, "umm, hey, did you realize you forgot the saddle? Are you sure you won't fall off?" But once she got used to it (and assured herself that I wasn't going to fall off), she was fine.

Today I finally made it on again. Saddled during the sunshine, got to the trot serpentines and it rained. Not hard but it was chilly and not my saddle so we went inside where we waited the short drizzle out then finished the work out. She was great considering how long she's been off. A few almost really good upward canter transitions. One almost decent stretchy circle. She's really just a lot of fun to ride.

A bit less than two weeks to the show. T3. And costume, bareback.

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