Saturday, March 13, 2010

winter haitus

Long time, no blog. I’ve still been with the horses (working at the barn), of course, but it hasn’t been a riding sort of winter. Not at all and not for anyone who doesn’t have an indoor arena. I did get Rolinette out one day and lunged her, thinking we were going to be able to get back into it that week but that didn’t happen. Maybe this week.

But of course I still have to get hay and meet my regular obligations and it is supposed to rain.

Ah, but I have this other sort of horse endeavor I’m involved in now too. We have a little area dressage association started up and I suppose I’ll have to decide how honest and open to be on here about it for a few reasons. Ok, you know me, throw it to the wind. The people who started it were great to start it, hands down, but they seem to want it to be what THEY want it to be and it now has like 50 members and at some point it is going to have to move to being membership driven. Or lose a lot of that membership. In other words, it will have to stop conforming to the little picture in their mind and be responsive to whatever desires are out there. I don’t know what those are but I think I know some ways to help figure that out. So I’m chair of the sub-committee for “education” which will include clinics and whatever else we figure out.

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