Thursday, March 25, 2010

quick wet ride

Quick ride with it trying to rain but not really getting it (the raining) done. She was a lot more energetic and responsive. Lisa's put a few rides on her and she also got hind shoes and injected with Adequan. I saw Lisa ride her the other day and even motoring, she wasn't tracking and somehow that has put a whole new spin on my ride in the dressage show in my head. Hopefully the Adequan will help with that (the tracking). But she's an old brood mare and that may just be how she is too and that is ok. Dressage is about training, about improving each horse where that horse is. Anyway, she felt good and I felt good and didn't pay overly too much attention to anything which just might be a good thing. I have no idea where my position was. I was like, walk, bend, stretch (much better), spiral, leg yield, transition, big circle, smaller circle, transition, stretch, collect, bend, transition, etc. I did canter and I think for the first time ever asked her to canter a line instead of a circle (after asking for canter on a circle of course). She was exuberant with the first transition which was fun. She and I were both exuberant with the cookies afterward.

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