Thursday, February 12, 2015

change and stability

So, I changed this blog again.  This is its 3rd iteration.

I'm not sure what to say about that.  About doing the same thing, differently.  About the different paths one takes with the same goal.  About how you have to have a direction to get anywhere, and how you have to change too.  This is more like a dance and you do want to get better at the dance, not finish it, and always be aware of your partner in that dance too.  I want to have clearer communication, I want to have better timing, I want to be more effective.   And yes, I would like every horse I ride to be my feet in whatever manner they are capable of.

I've been reassessing.  This year my focus is on doing the work.  It isn't entirely up to me but I plan to focus on Jin, Whiskers and Zip at McQs, and on actually doing something with Increase here.  And also working on Clyde's ground manners because he has none.  He ties, he drives, he doesn't lead worth a crap.  I want him light leading, not running over my ass or pushing Ro around.  I have available some clinics with Michael Sparling using primarily Buck methods.  Ro has my Carol clinic spot this year (and I am very tickled with that), although I may think about doing some level 3 auditions if the family membership thing comes available especially.

Do the work.  Although this dang freezing weather ain't going to help either me or Ro this week.  But I have hay and a truck that works and I have morning pages every day and I may be old but that's ok because I'm still moving and I'll go get Jin for some ground work at least -- I want to rope those feet, follow a feel is the goal for this week and I'd like to do it with the three of them.

Inky, hon, you are a magical pooka horse and I thank you.  Let us move it forward again.

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