Wednesday, September 28, 2011

four horses

Well, five if you count Inky.  Four horses to ride every week.  I'll be trying to ride them, well, so that they get ridden 3Xweek which could include rides by other people.  That is, for me, a lot of riding.  I LOVE IT!

I also love it when cowboys call me "girl" and say they'd fight for me.

And I've almost saved enough money to join Parelli for a year and then I'll be doing and sending off a video for my first levels, and a humongous clinic is in May.

And, you know, one just never knows what all could happen when one brings a magical horse onto the place and changes the whole dynamic.

1 comment:

clairesgarden said...

nice to hear your new job is providing lots of riding.
how is Inky doing?