Sunday, August 21, 2011


There is a lot I need to write. I have a new job. I didn't even get fired when our van quit and I missed several days because of it and that was quite literally my first real week of work. In fact, what I have is more opportunities, which is exactly what I've been wanting and yet here I am, finding myself a bit surprised at having them.

First of all, there's Parelli. Looks like I'll be trying to level up (a phrase I use mostly because it tickles my children because it sounds like I'm a character in a video game). I'm now watching videos and working with horses and trying to get that "mother-in-law" look down. I have to say that the more I read and the more I see the more I agree with Parelli, even in areas that surprise me. They surprise me not that we agree but that they are things that are biggies for me and lo and behold, there they are in his program. Like being willing to change. Like being willing to sit with frustration, to be conscious, to not force and to let it come. I mean, I so get that in LIFE. So why not with horses. It really feels quite mystical, being willing to be open and to go in unexpected directions.

I'm already riding more and hopefully we'll also be working out my teaching there. The work is far easier (which means fewer hours -- but hopefully that will all be offset by riding and teaching), the horses and the people just as delightful. In some ways, I even seem to be home more (though I'm working more days) and the being home is a good thing.

I miss a lot of people is the only thing. I hope they'll come see me.

Inky better watch out . . . (she's mostly had time off with me being so stretched so thin lately).

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clairesgarden said...

I had a good lesson with a 1* PP Kirsty Heffron last month, and she will be coming again in two weeks. thats about all my budget for just now but I think its worth it to help my confidence in realising that I can move on within this programm with my complicated pony. Abbey is mostly RBE, gets RBI And LBI sometimes and have had a wonderful but rare LBE confident and cheeky from her a few times. I update her PC page frequently with what we've been doing.