Monday, September 6, 2010


With the ladies. Pretty regular ride. Rol was up about something (at least one neighbor was mowing his hay and she was suspicious that others were also doing . . . stuff). It had been a week since our last ride (should I preface that sentence with, "forgive Epona for I have sinned"?).

I concentrated on getting her "straight" with lots of shoulder fore. We did not do a lot of transitions to and from canter (and the four we did do were not good) but we held the canter for the circle, the long side and another circle at least. On the long side I thought of shoulder fore even at canter because I could feel the crookedness, the haunches falling in. So I think the info I got from the show a very good thing indeed. Also asked for more canter down the long side, which she responded with. What she doesn't know is how to pull back from that -- the thinks a downward transition from canter means to trot, so we've got to work through that.

After the work, the ladies and I played "follow the leader", walking (mostly) and trotting serpentines, circles and diagonals.

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