Friday, August 27, 2010

that which you manifest is before you

The day before horse show day. A day for hanging out at the barn, having that last prep ride, bathing the horse, cleaning all the tack, polishing the boots, making sure all the equipment is gathered, doing whatever else around the barn/show grounds needs to be done, stuff.

I did pretty much what I said I would do in the last post and everything went so well, so smoothly, I was rather "done" in just, maybe 30 minutes. I had sworn I wouldn't ride the test again but the dressage arena was freshly dragged and no one was out and about and Rol was fresh and I went for it. Much better. Most trouble today was holding that canter -- she hits those long sides and thinks she's supposed to trot.

The biggest thing is me -- be quiet and subtle but definite. Always ride the current movement, not the last one. Enjoy this magnificent steed. All that combined would equal a very good ride indeed.

Kind of ironically, I'm thinking I like the pattern of T3. We'll see. Breathe.

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