Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tullamore Under Tutelage

Writing this after the fact.

I rode Tully on Sunday under Lisa's instruction. It was my second ride on her . . . the first being a treat for my birthday. Tully was only begun under saddle this year so she is green. She is a big Gypsy and I really like her. She has a pony streak to her but you can get along with her . . . you just have to be willing to listen to her opinion because she has one.

Tully can flat out move but her greenness gives her an almost stutter in her movement so that I felt like I was all over her trotting. She is just learning to canter under saddle and I did not go there with her . . . yet. And I learned this: I evidently ride much better to the left than to the right. To the right, my right shoulder drifts forward, I lean inside . . . I need to consciously pull that shoulder back, back back. I must also work on being steady with that outside rein.

For a young and big calm green horse, she is surprisingly sensitive to leg and moved off well in leg yields . . . while I am still trying to work on my timing and balance and all that. But the combination of her not wanting to bend to the right and me not being as effective in that direction . . . well.

To my relief, Lisa told me later in the day that I'd done a good job with her. I had felt all over her, but then also I do feel like I have a good feel of the horses still and I felt that especially with her.

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I like this. All of it.